AGB provides certified and patented American made polymer soil stabilization for the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa. Extensive investment into research over the last 25 years has helped us formulate one of the most effective solutions available today.

Asset Design and Construction

AGB has a number of products and process that can be used in the
maintenance of permanent, long or even short infrastructure such as:


  Roads and Access Tracks

  Short and long term construction sites

  Temporary Runways

  Car Parks

  Water Storage Infrastructure and environment

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Stabilisation and sealing solutions form the basis of these approaches. AGB has developed, designed, constructed and maintained public and private assets using our unique polymer and polymer enhanced products.


AGB stabilisation adds significant value to upgrade existing roads, or improve the strength of newly quarried materials. Our certified products deliver exceptionally strong pavements that are flexible and reliable for many years. Our patented approach offers impressive strength and impermeability which improves local soil characteristics to a cost effective alternative to traditional applications such as asphalt and concrete.
Sealing with AGB polymer technologies provides and alternative to traditional sealing products

Key Product Benefits

1.Saves more than 50% of construction time
2 Significantly improve load bearing capabilities
3 Resistant to most common road spillages
4 More than 40% savings vs conventional methods
5 Ensures strong, waterproof and durable pavement
6. Reduces maintenance costs by up to 55%
7. Controls dust and preserves erosion instantly

Economic Design

Designed to mitigate against degradation caused by weather or traffic, our advanced soil stabilization products are ideal for a variety of applications, from public road pavements (Black or Clear), to micro surfacing, right through to rural and service roads.

The mechanistic design principle for pavements is driven by material performance, and is also focused on the weakest point in a pavement, the bottom face of a base course layer. With modified pavements, or those treated with cement, design is particularly limited by the low tensile capacity of the layer; therefore the pavement needs to be designed thicker.

By offering a greater resistance to tensile failure AGB PCM can provide savings, by enabling significantly reduced pavement thickness.



AGB is a revolutionary polymer stabilisation technology specifically developed for the use with either pozzolanic agents such as cement or lime. The benefits it provides are:

  Fatigue crack reduction

  Induced crack reduction

  Shrinkage crack reduction

  Water proofing

  Increase compressive strength

  Increased tensile strength

  Increased resilient modulus

  Reduced pavement thickness

  Cost effective base for Micro Surfacing (Asphalt )

Road Rehabilitation,
Social & Economic Benefits

AGB stabilization products transform end of life, out of spec roads and pavements into safe, durable infrastructure, in a cost effective manner.

All roads and pavements age and are compromised over time or by increased traffic volumes, resulting in a range of symptoms including dust, potholes, rutting, corrugation or total pavement failure. This can also result in vehicle accidents, can cut off communities, and impact on the flow of goods people.
With AGB’s polymer soil stabilization technologies, you can alleviate these very real social, environmental, and economic concerns.

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AGB is a world leader in innovative dust control technology that helps overcome the global challenge of creating safer roads and workplaces for people, industry and communities.

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Soil Stabilization

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Military Application

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Water Management

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