With scalable solutions from small villages to large-scale operations, AGB specializes in the design, development and maintenance of reliable rural infrastructure from roads, field access to water dam structures.


Increasingly stringent environmental regulations, health concerns for villagers, farmers
and livestock and climate/rainfall variability are growing challenges for the rural sector,
as well storage and transportation goods.

With a product services that offer significant value to local environments, AGB can
create cost saving opportunities and reliable management strategies for the common
and industry specific needs across micro commerce, inter communal transportation,
agriculture and livestock sectors.

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Stabilisation and sealing solutions form the basis of these approaches. AGB has developed, designed, constructed and maintained public and private assets using our unique polymer and polymer enhanced products.


AGB stabilisation adds significant value to upgrade existing roads, or improve the strength of newly quarried materials. Our certified products deliver exceptionally strong pavements that are flexible and reliable for many years. Our patented approach offers impressive strength and impermeability which improves local soil characteristics to a cost effective alternative to traditional applications such as asphalt and concrete.
Sealing with AGB polymer technologies provides and alternative to traditional sealing products

Key Product Benefits

1.Saves more than 50% of construction time
2 Significantly improve load bearing capabilities
3 Resistant to most common road spillages
4 More than 40% savings vs conventional methods
5 Ensures strong, waterproof and durable pavement
6. Reduces maintenance costs by up to 55%
7. Controls dust and preserves erosion instantly

Managing Your Dust

Managing dust in rural areas with AGB products is a very simple and highly effective way of reducing the risk of diseases associated with excessive dust in commercial areas, crop and fruit damage, eye irritation, and product contamination.
Airborne dust in its own right damages the upper and lower respiratory tracts of livestock – but is also the principle transport mechanism for the microbes that cause infection, illness, slowed growth and premature mortality in your stock.
AGB products have been developed to effectively eliminate dust generation by controlling the surface of gravel and soil based tracks and packing sheds without the expense of bitumen sealing, asphalt or concrete, the wasteful and overly short duration of water’s effectiveness, and the unreliability and detrimental impact of some other dust control products on the market.


Our products have been used in more than 40 countries over the last 25 years. They have been tested and used for some of the most prestigious global organizations. They have also been independently tested, verified and approved by the American Chemistry Council
AGB Clear: is a clear, patented advanced fluid that is applied easily. Formulated to meet the highest environmental standards. AGB Clear is also non-toxic and non-corrosive. It permeates deep into the finest of dust particles, weighing them down securely like water, but without the threat of evaporation or freezing to handle variable traffic areas such as:

  Inter–communal roads Packing and loading yards

  Large agriculture field

  Commercial village and interstate hubs

Our patented applications are designed to be robust and all weather and offer a very long lifespan that is comparable to conventional methods. Generally, a typical road will perform exceptionally well for years to come with very low to no maintenance at all. AGB basic road treatments also suppress dust particles for months and can be mixed with water, easily applied using existing water trucks or tankers to provide an exceptional surface coating solution for instant access roads and pathways.

Managing Your Water

AGB Water Management solutions focus on reducing waste by using our dust control technologies is a direct way of saving and protecting the quality of water resources
AGB provides a dust barrier solution for construction, and water management. AGB pioneered the dust control and barrier category 25 years ago and continues to transform the field with numerous innovative application processes.

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AGB is a world leader in innovative dust control technology that helps overcome the global challenge of creating safer roads and workplaces for people, industry and communities.

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When it comes to erosion control & protecting exposed land against the ravages of wind and water, AGB’s advanced polymer technology delivers the complete erosion control solution.

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Soil Stabilization

AGB is a recognised industry leader of polymer soil stabilization. Our dedicated team formulate some of the most effective and advanced soil stabilization products available.

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Military Application

AGB’s soil stabilization and dust control solutions deliver effective military applications – increasing safety, visibility and mobilization speed to protect and save lives.

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Water Management

AGB delivers cost effective solutions for mine and quarry managers, civil contractors and farmers to manage your site’s water quality and quantity issues.

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