AGB’s advanced technology helps prevent significant impacts to the environment and infrastructure.

The Complete Soil Erosion Control Solution

Many of the current soil erosion control plan options rely on capturing sediment in silt fences, check dams, and sedimentation ponds. These structures need continual maintenance and don’t treat the source of the problem. AGB Terra-Lock helps keep the soil in place and reduce negative impacts! Offering fast and effective results in any situation, our non-toxic, environmentally friendly formula has been extensively tested and is also very user friendly.
AGB’s innovative sprayed on polymer erosion control solution works quickly to immediately penetrate the top layer of the soil and form a durable layer, that is bound to underlying material.

Erosion control

Stabilisation and sealing solutions form the basis of these approaches. AGB has developed, designed, constructed and maintained public and private assets using our unique polymer and polymer enhanced products.


AGB stabilisation adds significant value to upgrade existing roads, or improve the strength of newly quarried materials. Our certified products deliver exceptionally strong pavements that are flexible and reliable for many years. Our patented approach offers impressive strength and impermeability which improves local soil characteristics to a cost effective alternative to traditional applications such as asphalt and concrete.
Sealing with AGB polymer technologies provides and alternative to traditional sealing products

Key Product Benefits

1.Saves more than 50% of construction time
2 Significantly improve load bearing capabilities
3 Resistant to most common road spillages
4 More than 40% savings vs conventional methods
5 Ensures strong, waterproof and durable pavement
6. Reduces maintenance costs by up to 55%
7. Controls dust and preserves erosion instantly

Impacts of Erosion in Infrastructure

Almost 45% of all soil in Queensland has some sodic properties. Sodic soil is the term given to soil that holds sodium – a cation (a positive ion) – that is held loosely on clay particles in the soil.

High sodicity in soil causes clay to swell when it’s wet, and the clay particles move so far apart that they disperse. This, in turn, weakens the aggregate in the soil, causing collapses, and closing off soil pores. When this happens, water and air movement in sodic soils is severely limited and causes structural issues.
Sodic soils are particularly vulnerable to most forms of soil erosion and can affect the infrastructure of roads. Soil stabilisation is a vital component of successful road construction, and considering bitumen and concrete produce a lot of runoff, necessary steps need to be taken with stabilising the soil in road construction.
In mining and exploration activities, the natural drainage of the land is interfered with as roads are built and digs undertaken. Disturbing the soil can cause environmental issues like erosion and silting of waterways. Mining exploration requires the development of hundreds of kilometres of roads and tracks, and because of this, soil stability and erosion prevention is a vital component of ensuring environmentally safe mining works.

Cost-Effective for
Greater Results

Our advanced technology is a substitute to the traditional processes of sodding, broadcasting or sowing dry seed. AGB erosion control is a planting method where a specialized pump sprays a mixture of mulch, seed, fertilizer and tackifer over soil that has been prepared.

AGB vegetation technology has been tested in extreme weather conditions to validate our claim as an effective and green solution. Whether this planting season is drought or monsoon, AGB erosion control technologies is the best choice due to its ability to retain water and prevent soil erosion.

Moisture Retention

The mulch fibers that are incorporated into a mix have the capacity to retain up to ten times their weight in water; keeping the seeds moist. This feature is advantageous when planting during the times of low natural moisture.

Soil Retention

AGB vegetation technology is often used as a method to control erosion. The mulch and tackifier in a hydroseed slurry help prevent wind, water and slope erosion control. The flexibility of relevant equipments to get into tight and steep places makes seeding slopes much less labor intensive than other alternatives, including dry seeding.
Our advanced solution is a substitute to the traditional processes of sodding, broadcasting or sowing dry seed. AGB vegetation technology is a planting method where a specialized pump sprays a mixture of mulch, seed, fertilizer and tackifer over soil that has been prepared.

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